Thursday, February 17, 2011

My first...

...posting.  Get your mind out of "the gutter".  This blog should (but probably won't) follow me reviewing webcomics, movies, and possible any trades I read for free at Barnes and Noble.  I don't anticipate anyone following this, but in case you do, I thank you.  I'm going to start (and finish) my first post by listing the webcomics that I read on a regular basis, and giving you a brief explaination/history about them.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Ctrl+Alt+Del (Updates Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
I should assume that anyone who's read a webcomic has heard of this one.  Created and drawn by the talented Tim Buckley, this webcomic has been going strong since 2002.  The storyline generally follows the main characters of Ethan, Lucas, Lilah, and Zeke, but will sometimes feature one-shots with Chef Brian, Player 1, 2, 3, and/or 4, or even just a one shot about a movie/video game/or a tribute to the death of a famous person.  It originally used to include Saturday updates, but that was cut out a few years ago to allow Mr. Buckley the time to focus on other pressing issues with the site (and possibly allow for more gaming time :])  This should be the staple of any webcomic reader, and with almost nine years of back issues, you should be busy for quite some time.

Least I Can Do (Updates Every Single Day!)
This webcomic is written by wacky Ryan Sohmer and drawn by the talented Lar De Souza.  LICD stars Rayne and a large ensemble of his friends, family and co-workers.  LICD is an adult humor based webcomic and should not necessarily be read by children.  That being said, Rayne is often found to be acting like a child with his crazy antics.  This webcomic has been going since 2003, although it's had 2 artist changes, Mr. De Souza has been onboard since 2005.  Sunday editions are called LICD: Beginnings and follow an 8 year old Rayne as he discovers the world.  LICD is ran by Blind Ferret Entertainment, a company started by Ryan Sohmer that has linked itself with CAD, LFG, and GwS.  In my mind, Blind Ferret is the top dog of the webcomic industry.

Looking For Group (Updates Mondays & Thursdays)
This webcomic is also written by Sohmer and Lar, and follows the adventures of Cale, Richard, and their friends in stopping the humans from wiping out every other race.  Whereas LICD is Sohmer's brain child, LFG is clearly Lar's in that he puts an incredible amount of detail into the large, full page panel drawings.  I would follow this webcomic for the art itself as it is amazing, and the storyline just makes it that much better.  Although this comic updates the least, I find myself looking forward to this one the most.

Girls With Slingshots (Updates Monday through Friday)
I just started reading this webcomic about a month or two ago when Sohmer announced that Danielle Corsetto, the creator and artist of GWS had joined Blind Ferret.  Although a rather girly comic, I've found that Hazel, Jamie, and their talking cactus McPedro can keep up with Rayne and his adult sense of humor.

The Gutters (Updates Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays)
This is a unique webcomic that I find this comic on my list for two reasons.  First, this is another comic by the team of Sohmer and Lar.  Second, is that each issue a parody of comics.  Although Lar is one of the creators and has an active role, he is actually not the artists.  Each issue is done by a different artists, and vary from up and coming artists to the best of the comic book industy.  I find that this is the hardest for me to remember to read as there isn't an ongoing storyline and each issue is a new parody.  But just because I don't remember to read it right away doesn't mean it's any less good.  Each issue is funny and a work of art.  I especially enjoy the fact that they are always making fun of BENDIS!

What Do You Do? (Updates TWICE A DAY?!)
Yes, you read that correctly.  This webcomic is updated twice a day!  This is a rather unknown webcomic is drawn by someone only known to us as GMChris, and is unique for several reasons.  The first is that it is updated twice a day! I'm sorry, but that is just shows me amazing commitment.  The comic is a single panel that follows the adventures of James Woodrock the Elf.  The second reason why this comic is so unique is that you, the reader, get to tell GMChris, what you want James to do.  He reads over the 50 comments (average) and chooses one as the basis of what James does for the next panel.  GMChris doesn't always pick the most logical comment, or the most crazy, but tries to choose a variety.  Several times he's taken 2-3 days to put together a short animation (usually signifying the end of a story arc), and has actually had 2 online games developed about the webcomic.  The comic stars James Woodrock, and his ever changing party members Jane the (formerly undead) Cleric, Techy the Dwarf Warrior, Krinn the Troll Rogue, Ray/Richard the Human Bard, Deblin the Half-Demon Mage, among others.

Okay, so I've actually spent 2 hours formating this post, and so that's it for today.  L8r days! Cole


  1. Hey, you've already got two people following your blog, Cole! That's pretty good for one day's work! It took me a good month to get my first two followers... Not that I'm bitter or anything. :P

    Believe it or not, I've NEVER read a webcomic. Ever. So right off the bat you've taught me something new. I shall now head off and check these out and see what they're all about.

  2. Well, X, I owe your blog for the two followers. But that doesn't give you any legal interest in my blog. Just wanted to say that right off the bat. lol.

    You've NEVER EVER read a webcomic??? OMB!!! (Batman). Okay, in that case, I recommend that you start with a smaller one that you can get used to it. LFG only updates twice a week and actually has a great consistant storyline going on. The difference between LFG and the other webcomics is that LFG is an entire page whereas the others follow the smaller 1 or 4 panel strips.

  3. Awesome post Cole, and yes, you've amassed quite a following in a day, you lucky lucky man.

    I actually read Ctrl+Alt+Del somewhat often and I read Gutters every update, so yeah. I'm pretty familiar with some of the comics so this should be quite interesting.

  4. Hey JT, just wondering, how did you hear about Gutters? Is if from a shameless link I threw up on X's blog when it came out?

  5. I believe that is how, so thanks for that. That site cracks me up.

  6. #97: Better like BENDIS! He's all Marvel's got! HAHAHAHAHA! I loved it!

  7. Yep, I'm a webcomic virgin... Sad but true. But then again, with all of the regular comics I read I guess that should come as no big surprise! I'll take your advice and check out Looking For Group... Provided I actually remember to check it regularly!

  8. I recommended LFG as it's the closest comparison to a comic book, and it has the smallest backlog for you to read, that being 436 strips/pages. The rest easily have over 1000 each, with LICD and CAD having seveal thousand.

  9. Make that three followers! Congrats on starting up a blog of your own, Cole!