Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Webcomic Watch!

Hello my fellow Hunters (X & JT!)! I've managed to come up with a unique title to name what should be my first reaccuring post.  As the update schedule for each of the webcomics I currently follow is different, I will possibly develope different posts to follow them, but for now, you get this!  Enough chatter, let's see if I can finish this in under an hour!

Monday started with a one-shot aimed at how boardgames are becoming digital, and by doing such they are losing a quality that most people enjoy about them, that being how they force people to interact with each other.  My thoughts are if people want to play a digital/interactive board game, they should just play it online and send me their money instead.  I'll use said money to invest in a yacht!  Wednesday brought us back to the main characters of Ethan and Lucas talking about two of my favorite things: comic book characters and video games! Friday just showed us another glipse of Ethan's crazy crazy logic.

We were also rewarded with a new Silly.  A Silly is a 3 panel black and white strip that features the main characters drawn as stick figures with some unique characters only seen in a Silly.  There is no set schedule for Sillies to update, and is done solely on the whim of Tim Buckley.  This sillie featured Ethan and Death comparing Rift to Death's reaping of souls.

This week featured John (and his Darth Vader concious) starring as the date to this year's Valentine Contest Winner, Allison.  John is tricked by Darth Vader and makes his date think he is desparate (which he is) and crazy (she doesn't see Darth Vader).

Monday's comic was a tribute to Valentine's Day (I think) between Richard, Ray'd and a bag full of organs.  Thursday's comic showed Cale mysteriously revealing that he would not be present at the pending battle, thus showing us that he has an another ace up his sleeve to save his repopulated country!

This week focus' on Thea, her interest in the rollerderby girl that crashed into her a few weeks ago, and the fact that she and Hazel were evicted from their former apartment.  It mainly serves to set up some further development for Thea and possibly a new place and/or job her her and Hazel.

This week talks about why the publishers renumber their comics 6 times a year, the renaming of the Fantasic Four to the Fantasic Fwee! (hahahaha!) and the overhyping of milestones.  I'm sure I'll come back to the milestone issue after I've posted 98 more posts. :)  Wednesday's post beats the others for the best.

James finally acquires new skills, but apparently overdoses on them because we, the audience, decided he should buy all 9 of them.  In our defense, he had 3 times the money to buy them and there was no way we could see this happening in advance! Anyways, he goes crazy, threatening his party members and tossing Deblin's body into one of the cities of Enveil.  A side note re: Deblin.  This is the first time we've seen his body since his defeat at the hands of the Apprentice, and besides the fact that Douglas indirectly mentioning that he's dead, no one's actually said that.  Crazy James finds his way into a royal battle between the dominating Azians (?) and the other four remaining races (used to be 7 altogether) of the recently raised contenient of Enveil.  James breaks up the huge fight using his recently acquired whirlwind, and faces another god-like power, the Knight of Might, who informs his to change his actions or else he'd end of evil.  James then wakes up among his Enveil allies and asked to pose as an Elven Ambassador with Tina the Harpy to find out information, but since James has already been there and done that, he poses as an Apple Juice salesman which comepletely pisses off Tina who says that this is crazy and would only work for the luckies of people.   James informs her that Mage Cat is hiding under the floor of the General's location, which is across the street from their Appleade stand and he already has 5 pages of notes.

The plot advanced as James is finally helping the races of Enveil, but is completely separated from his party, yet again!  I hold hope that Deblin is still alive as he was just brought back and saved James from Joshua the Warlock! The use of Mage Cat had me happy as I was uncertain what would happen following the unfortunate events around Warrior Cat.  What Do You Do?

Okay, that's it, I've spent over an hour on this.  L8r days!

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